Dancing Fountains! – Parco del Principe Restaurant

Dancing Fountains!

Shabby chic is the weekly wedding theme, one of the most fashionable at the moment.

The bride and groom have chosen the tablecloth and decorations , in beige,ivory, light gray and antique pink all surrounded by white lanterns, characteristic cages, tender hearts and pillows.

The tableau de mariage perfectly in theme, was located in the garden. A wooden window, in which there were placed several teacups, each containing a list of the guest names.

The center table is made of an elegant glass cup where white rose petals float, all set on a brilliant mirror.

After lunch, the bride and the groom and guests moved toward the green location for the fruit and sweet buffet.

All children intrigued by the Ice cream and nutella crepes cart made.

The wedding cake at the center of the lake accompanied by fire works and dancing fountains, a perfect way to conclude the wedding event.

This an example how a simple element can trasform you wedding day in a special day!


At the next wedding!


Elegance and good taste find the perfect harmony in our location, where fountains, statues and nature represent the ideal setting for any type of event.