When the bride & groom are from Ireland … – Parco del Principe Restaurant
When the bride & groom are from Ireland …

Our wedding from Ireland …to have a perfect "Italian Style".

The wedding theme was  lilac color symbol of  real love!

Every table was decorated with little bags with flower seeds were all guest could plant on their way back home in their garden. A flower seeds is symbol of birth and growth of love in a green style.

On the center of each table there were a sober lilac-colored roses in a glass cup surrounded by petals of different shades.

The headtable was unusually formed by no less than twelve seats, because their parents, witnesses and bridesmaids sat next to the bride and groom.

The bride prepared herself in the bridal suite of the Best Western Hotel Rocca where she wore her dress very simple but at the same time very elegant and refined, in typical Irish style.

Music was one of the most important themes, just understand how important it is for the Irish people.

In fact, they are the only nation in the world to have a musical instrument, the harp, as a national symbol.

I leave you then imagine the atmosphere created when the band began to sing traditional music ...